Residential houses

Where to start?

Are you planning to build a new house? You already have house project drawings but you don’t know what further actions should be made?
Don’t worry, our Sales managers will help you!
Send us project drawings, tell us about your ideas and we will prepare you detailed price offer, inform about possible project delivery date and final price.
When all the cooperation conditions are agreed, it is possible to sign a sale-purchase contract.


Structural design works

When the contract of sale-purchase is signed, it is possible to start design works. Experienced structural designers who work in UAB Gildera take exceptional attention to each project, calculate and select best technical decisions that ensure optimal project price.
Structural designers from UAB Gildera can also prepare passive house projects.
Approximate time for preparation of work project – 4-5 weeks.

Production works

Production process can begin just after structural designers prepare necessary production drawings.
Panel elements in specialized factories are produced by experienced specialists who have long-term experience in this area. At each production stage, a certified quality control system is applied.
Elements for medium-size residential house are produced in about 2 weeks form the start of production.

Assembly works

Prepared elements are transported to the building site by trucks. Qualified assembly specialists of UAB Gildera ensure that all the works will be made quickly and qualitatively.
Main elements of residential house are assembled in about 1-2 weeks. Total duration of assembly can reach 3-6 weeks depending on size and complexion of the project.

Project transfer to the owner

Project is transferred to the owner after completion of all the agreed works and overall quality control.
From now on, you can enjoy your new house!