External wall panels

External wall panels (façade panels)

Façade panels are the panels of external walls for multilevel public and commercial buildings. These panels have differences in comparison with residential houses’ elements because they must comply with technical requirements of multilevel buildings.
Exterior finishing of façade panels can be both traditional and modern. So, it is possible to choose wooden timber siding, façade finishing boards or even  a combination with modern energy saving elements, such as solar panels.

Structural design works

Structural designers of UAB Gildera who prepare projects of façade panels not only have a lot of experience with the latest software but also understand building regulations of each country where projects are implemented. It is important to mention that structural design works for façade panels differ from a project of simple residential house. Here, it is necessary to give more attention to elevation of building, evaluation of wind loads and stability of construction elements. In addition to that, structural designers also need to cooperate with specialists from other construction areas such as engineers of reinforced concrete, steel/reinforced concrete frame, etc. to ensure high quality of whole building.


Production process

When structural designers prepare necessary drawings, it is possible to start production process.
Façade elements are produced in specialized factories by qualified workers. At each production stage, a certified quality control system is applied.

Assembly works

Prepared façade elements are transported to the building site by trucks. Qualified assembly specialists of UAB Gildera who have experience with multilevel buildings ensure that all the works will be made quickly and qualitatively.